HR Consultants – Experts In Scalability

Who we are

O’Grady Consultants Inc. is the go-to HR consulting firm when you’re ready to leverage your people to grow your business.


What we do

Our extensive experience has transformed start-ups into multi-national operating companies. We provide strategic and operational HR consulting services that result in proven business-centered HR solutions that support your growth plans.


Scalable HR

We understand and bring solutions to the different people challenges that come with each stage of your company’s evolution.

HR For Startups


You likely have a core team in place and focused on finding your path to success. This is when you’re setting the foundation, experimenting with product/service innovation to build your differentiated mouse trap and find your secret culture & process sauce.


HR Growth


You’re ready to take what you’ve learned and grow your business. You likely have a strong understanding of your customer, an attractive product / service, consistent sales and your business is “referable”. It’s also where you’re building out systems, attracting experienced managers, delegating, managing performance and data.


Company Exit

Expand | Exit

You have a sense of maturity and momentum that comes with steady growth. You may be expanding by acquisition or merging with strategic partners where you’ll be monitoring, measuring, and adapting. You may also consider going public or exploring an exit strategy.